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Banner advertising is a great athletic team or event fundraiser. Sponsors receive exposure for their company or organization in return for their support.The more space you have to hang banners, the more "moola" you can raise for your team!

Call us today for prices and special discounts for your banner advertising fundraiser! (808) 246-6812

Team Banner

A team banner includes your team name and logo with 10-20 advertising spaces. We can do any size banner. A typical team banner size is 3'x12'.

Get the entire team & their families involved in selling ad space to Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandpa; Dad's employer...the list goes on!

Business Banners

We can do any size banner. Typical fence or wall size banners are 3'x3', 3'x6', or 3'x8'.

Display business banners at every home game of the season. Your sponsors will appreciate the exposure and will support your team with banner advertising year after year!

In addition to being a great fundraiser, banner advertising will attract a lot of attention to your event. Banners are colorful, eye catching and festive!